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As the owner of High Impact Glass Solutions, I have worked in thousands of homes and businesses over the last 20 years. Hot sun-filled rooms, squinting glare, and harmful UV rays along with excessive cooling bills were commonly shared problems that our window films eliminated. Many customers had beautiful glass block architecture causing the same problems. Because the blocks allowed additional heat and glare to enter, we were constantly asked to film them as well. Great idea…. but tinting glass block was unheard of! After researching all options and a few practice applications, I discovered that glass blocks could be tinted by hand-cutting the film to fit the exterior side of each block. A tedious process but the application worked marvelously. Customers loved the results… and the look!

Our Popular DIY Solution

Glass block tinting experienced a huge game-changer with the acquisition of a computerized plotter. With its speed and accuracy, we were able to program the plotter to precisely fit blocks with any dimensions and run off as much tint needed for every size project. As calls started coming in from all over the country, I raised the game another notch and launched our one-of-a-kind DIY Glass Block Tinting kit. We began shipping customized kits, inclusive with pre-cut film and tools needed for an easy do-it-yourself project. Kits are currently being shipped to homes and businesses throughout the US. We are the only window tinting company to offer the most ultimate and affordable glass block tinting DIY solution that anyone… anywhere can easily tackle.

The Ultimate DIY Solution for Glass Block Tinting.

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