The Best Way to Tint
Your Own Glass Blocks.

Save energy, reduce heat and glare, avoid sun damage, and save $$ by using our customized DIY kit!




Why Tint Your Own Glass Blocks?

Commercial / Residential

Avoid Heat & Glare
Did you know glass blocks actually trap and magnify heat and glare from the sun? Tinting your blocks stops these problems from ever coming in to begin with.

Save on Your AC Bill
Heat entering through glass block makes your AC work harder. Tinting your blocks makes them more energy efficient to reduce cooling costs.

Stop Interior Damage
Over time the sun can cause serious, costly damage. Stop sun damage in its tracks with Glass Block Tinting.

Do It Yourself
No need to hire a professional installer. With our do-it-yourself tinting kit, you can save money and easily get the same successful results.

How It Works

We custom cut your chosen color of window film to perfectly fit on your glass blocks. Our film is designed for lasting durability regardless of what climate you live in. Applied to the exterior side of your blocks, the film will maximize heat rejection and have an aesthetically invisible appearance.

The Ultimate DIY Solution for Glass Block Tinting

Available in 3 Beautiful Shades




Easy to Install Yourself

Experience the Difference

Use the slider below to see GBT sheets in action

What Our Customers Are Saying

“My first experience doing A DIY glass block window tinting project. It went smoothly and the tint performs just as you said. Great product, great customer support. Thanks to GBT our bathroom no longer feels like a sauna!”
Steve Jensen – Austin, TX.
“We received the glass block window tinting kit promptly and found your staff very helpful. My husband has two left! The bronze window tinting looks great on our kitchen glass blocks. No more heat and glare and so we finally removed the blinds!
Sue & Thomas Citrolla – Pensacola, FL.
"Thanks to High Impact Glass Solutions I found the perfect solution for eliminating heat and sun glare streaming though my glass block. Their DIY glass block window tinting kit is fantastic… and I saved 50% off the price of a retail application!"
John Parker - Tampa, FL
"Mike installed the glass block window tinting today! We love it: blocks were cool to the touch in the afternoon full sun, but still left some light into the bathroom. He was able to complete the job from start to finish in about 3 hours. Thanks for all your help – and the customer service too.
Sandi Parker Gilbo – Jacksonville, FL.

Latest Case Study

Mullin Automobile Museum

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering a sample kit with the dimensions of your glass block serves two essential purposes. Since your kit includes four different shades of film, it gives you a preview of how the different tint shades will look and perform on your blocks. Thus, you can compare the samples side by side and decide which one you favor. More importantly, previewing samples on your blocks will confirm whether the film dimensions you’ve given us are the correct size.

Though we do not offer refunds, we are aware that packages can be mishandled during shipping. Should you receive a package that is damaged, please refuse the package. USPS will send it back to our factory and you will not incur any charge for return shipping. After your package is returned to us, we will gladly ship out a replacement kit within 48 – 72 hours.

GBT Pricing

Up to 7” x 7”
(Standard Sheets)

$ 4
00 Per Sheet

7 1/4" x 7 1/4" - 8" x 8"
(Medium Sheets)

$ 6
00 Per Sheet

Larger than 8” x 8”
(Larger Sheets)

$ 7
00 Per Sheet

Sample Kit

(All Sizes)
+ Shipping

The Ultimate DIY Solution for Glass Block Tinting.

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