Stop Burglaries with Safety & Security Window Film

By Jeremy Shapiro

Temperatures affect how we plan our activities. 

But weather has no effect on burglaries. 

Attempted break-ins happen anytime. 

It is important for all home owners to understand that the glass in your residence is the weakest point of entry.  

Burglars know this too!


Unprotected glass results in windows and sliders that can be quickly smashed. Entry takes only seconds and the results can be devastating.


High Impact Glass Solutions has been window tinting Tampa homes with the most practical and result-driven anti-burglary solutions. Our safety and security films add a strong preventive layer of protection on your windows. Attempted break-ins are delayed, deterred, and denied by filmed glass that is fortified against breaking when hit repeatedly with brute force.

We follow-up every safety and security film installation with additional steps to ensure ultimate glass protection.

Here I’m applying a “wet glaze attachment system” to the windows and glass doors that we filmed. The windows are now virtually invisible forces of protection that help to hold glass in place, dramatically reducing injury from flying glass and foiling the schemes of would-be thieves. They rely on quick access through windows they can break. 

Not in this home!

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